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Pleasant View Wedding // Catherine and Matt // Married! // Pleasant View and Springfield Weddings by Frozen Exposure Photography

I remember the first second that I ran up the steps to LDJ Aveda Salon in Pleasant View, Tennessee,  and saw Catherine in her seat, holding her glass of red wine, nervously. This is her wedding day. It took me instantly back to the day that Bobby and I met Catherine to talk about her wedding and found out that she is a California girl that followed her big sister to Tennessee and met the love of her life- Matt. And then I thought of Catherine and Matt’s engagement session and how happy they were, their dog Weasel bringing us…a gift….that he had caught for us- my shock and Catherine burying her face in Matt’s shoulder and laughing. 2 hours later, me realizing Matt hadn’t said a peep the whole time but instead, had made it through the whole engagement session with friendly smiles and nods. And here we were- Catherine getting her gorgeous, trademark, long dark hair curled and ready for her wedding day



After Catherine’s gorgeous hair was complete, we met them over at New Chapel United Methodist Church in Springfield, TN. Catherine’s one thing she wouldn’t budge on was that she wanted a gorgeous, church wedding- and a gorgeous church wedding she had. Here is Catherine and her sister giving one another tips on wedding day makeup and hair. Don’t worry, I listened super closely because they had some pretty awesome tips.


This. Dress. Wait until you see it ON Catherine. It was so different than any dress I’d seen before with it’s romantic lace and layered gorgeousness.


And these roses! Number one, we obviously adore this color scheme, but would you believe that Catherine’s favorite Aunt and Uncle own a rose plantation in Columbia (think South America, not Mule Day, I totally double checked!) and THESE EXACT AMAZING roses were actually flown in just for Catherine. So her Aunt and Uncle actually grew and tended to these roses in South America and brought them to her. AMAZING. I couldn’t take my eyes off of them. Great team effort between Catherine’s Aunt and Uncle for supplying such gorgeous roses and The Chocolate Rose in Pleasant View, Tennessee for arranging them!


So Catherine is now in her gorgeous dress- but you still aren’t seeing the gorgeous details quite yet…



Bobby hangs out downstairs at the Church with Matt and the guys. It always stuns me going through the images in post-production and seeing how much us girls worry and fuss over the details and then I see what the guys were doing at those exact moments and it’s this- it’s like they are in an alternate universe! I MEAN POTATO CHIPS?! Seriously, guys. Mock us, already.


While Catherine is still working out the details of her dress, we take Matt outside for some photographs and he straightens his jacket. I always like these shots because it proves that the guys aren’t just chilling like in the picture above and that they are actually paying attention to the details and if their coat is straight, etc.


And yes, Matt can be a little camera shy.

P18C3256But then, his brother, TOTALLY not camera shy and you will definitely see that in the reception photographs =) says “Hey, Matt! Look at your names on the sign! Run over there for a photo!” And so it happened. Matt didn’t fuss at all- he kindly walked right over to the sign and gave Vanna White a run for her money. P18C3270

After leading Matt and the guys back downstairs, we brought Catherine out for photographs. STUNNING! I knew we would have a lot of fun with Catherine’s dramatic, classic long veil.

Along with the roses from her family’s Columbian plantation, the metals on Catherine’s bouquet was another one of my favorite details. Catherine truly succeeded in wowing everyone with her big heart and respect and remembrance. Catherine’s Father passed away, and so she honored him with replicas of his metals adorning her soft, rose bouquet. I can’t think of a better way to share with everyone the respect that she had for her Father, while also having a token with her throughout her wedding day, and most importantly, as she walked down the aisle. Watch for the ceremony blog feature, and you’ll see how she went one step further, along with her family members, in honoring her Father as she walked down the aisle to Matt- and Matt’s expression as he saw her for the first time- they stuck with tradition and did not opt for the first look, so this will be the FIRST time Matt saw her in her wedding dress.


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