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frozen exposure

Frozen Exposure began with just Tanya in 2002.
One fateful day, at MTSU, Tanya declared her major in Photography and realized years of passion and decisions that always led to a dedication to the craft of impeccably capturing life's greatest moments. That dedication intensified with each incredible event and even more so when she became a mother to 4 precious babies: Piper, Peyton, Paris and Paycee. 
At now year 19+ of capturing weddings, Tanya has added to her team hand selected photographers and videographers Meagan, Eden, Charles, Sabrina, and Jason, and we couldn't love this adventurous life and cultivating exceptional relationships with our client family more.

meet the team!




Hi, I'm Eden! I love being outside with my kiddo, hubs, and am a major animal lover. I also love working out AND eating ice cream and cookies.
I graduated from APSU with a BA in Foreign Languages (Spanish is my fave!). 
Tanya and I have been close friends since the 8th grade and even back then we were buying all of the film and doing photoshoots. It's definitely fate that we are professionally capturing weddings together today.

Charles: Bio and Image coming soon 




       VIDEOGRAPHER +                 Photo editor

Hi, I'm Meagan! In addition to capturing weddings, I love dancing, Fall weather, and cross stitching. 
I graduated MTSU in 2017 with a major in photography and minor in dance. 
My favorite part of the wedding day is when the bride walks down the aisle and everyone sees her for the first time. I get chills! 
I have been capturing weddings with Frozen Exposure for over 4 years now. Tanya and I are cousins who share a love for colorguard and went to the same college with the same major in photography. She lovingly calls me Tanya 2.0.