MARRIED // Samantha {+} Chris // Loveless Cafe Rehearsal Dinner {+} Wedding Day Getting Ready at The Hancock House// Gallatin – Nashville Summer Wedding // Photography and Videography – Cinematography by Frozen Exposure

The day before Thanksgiving 2013, Christopher had us cover his surprise proposal to Samantha at Opryland Hotel. It was, in a word, breathtaking. Here is the video coverage of that event: THE PROPOSAL

So getting to share that night with this awesome couple was an experience I will never forget. It was that much cooler when they announced that they would also hold their wedding (Christopher lived in Texas and Samantha lived in Georgia!) in Nashville and they would be bringing us on board as their photographers {+} cinematographers. So let’s continue this story….with the rehearsal dinner- super cool because there were so many amazing speeches- we can share the full video later, but for now, enjoy THIS “LET’S GET MARRIED” VIDEO that we posted to Samantha and Chris’ Facebook page THE MORNING OF THEIR WEDDING to get them super charged about the day that lay ahead of them!


If there is one thing we love about THE LOVELESS CAFE in Nashville, Tennessee, it’s THOSE BISCUITS!!




A little day before the wedding snuggles!


And a go-get-em-Tiger high five!


I’d love to say I posed them this way, but I didn’t. Samantha, here, pulls all of her own stunts.


Thanks, Loveless Cafe, for the always ever charming backdrop that you are.


NOW for the wedding day itself starting with getting ready at Aunt Pam’s house.  And don’t think that I’m going to feed it to you in a full 100 image feature. ;o) Let’s enjoy this every day for about 4-5 days. Because Samantha and Chris, these sweeties waited A LONG TIME for everything in life to line up and put them together- this story has been a very very long time in the making and it deserves to be told with love.

Is there something wrong with me that I think Samantha’s hair ALREADY looks fabulous?! It’s so nostalgic and tall and gorgeous as she looks out the window and puts one of her “something blue” earrings in, I can help but melt at what I’m seeing through the lens.


Kellye was one of the most dedicated and fun hair stylists and makeup artists that we’ve come across. The proof is in the way the bride is genuinely smiling at her.


Remember the word nostalgic. It’s here 100%.


We arrive to The Hancock House in Gallatin, Tennessee where Mrs. Roberta (The Hancock House owner and operator) has so much loveliness in store for the couple that I cannot begin to praise enough- our hats are off to Mrs. Roberta and her amazing staff at The Hancock House- this was our very first wedding at her venue and it most certainly just can not be our last. There wasn’t a single corner that I turned that wasn’t a gorgeous backdrop for photographs, but what really turned me into a complete emotional fool was as Samantha walked up the stairs in her wedding dress and Mrs. Roberta caught first glimpse, she placed her hand delicately to her heart and told the bride “You are simply gorgeous. I do not say this to just say this. I mean it with all of my heart, you simply take my breath away.” We’ve seen all types of venue owners, Mrs. Roberta, your heart is complete gold and you are such a blessing.

Now, where to hang a gorgeous wedding gown for a photograph? Obviously, just one of hundreds of gorgeous spots tucked away in The Hancock House.


A seriously romantic bouquet in deep purples, lilacs and sangrias. It’s every shade of gorgeous.


Details are a big deal. LOVE their rings.


Once I’ve returned from the detail shots, it’s time to the girls to help the bride into her dress with gorgeous corset detail.


Samantha’s cousin and bridesmaid, Anita, was a pro at lacing the dress!


They say a bride should wear a scent she has never worn before on her wedding day. The purpose being that whenever she wears or smells this scent again, it will serve in taking her right back to her wedding day. Samantha’s hair stylist, makeup artist, bridesmaid, and awesome incarnate in general, great friend Kellye provided Samantha with Enchanted Wonderstuck by Taylor Swift.


The dress is on!


Mom ties the final bow.


Samantha’s Mom also helps with her gorgeous necklace.


I ask Samantha what her “something borrowed” is and she twists her Grandmother’s ring.


Water bottles? Go fancy by using a photograph of the proposal, or go home.


As she walks around the room, and you DO see this amazing rose toned room, right?! HANCOCK HOUSE YOU ARE MY DREAM, so yes, as Samantha walks around the room, this single moment begs to be captured. This is the moment where everything has come together and everyone in the room stares at a gorgeous bride, anticipating walking down the aisle to her long time love, Christopher. *siiiigh*


Samantha: you are absolutely dreamy.


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