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We begin Part II of Kathryn + Brandon’s wedding story “A Gentle Fairytale” at the gorgeous Front Porch Farms venue.

Let me start by saying that today’s photos will take you through a rollercoaster of emotions.  First, we’ll watch Kathryn and her bridesmaids as they get ready  (and FYI, you’ll see that these gals really have the BEST time).

Next, you’ll be mesmerized when Kathryn puts on her gown, but I’ll let those photos speak for themselves.

Then, you’ll cry along with the whole gang as Kathryn shares some special getting ready moments with mom, and a tear-jerking first look with dad.

frontporchcollage Front Porch Farms Nashville Wedding

Now, if you read the first part of K + B’s story, you’ll remember that I filled you in on a true fact:  Kathryn is a mermaid.  I wanted to remind you again so you can truly notice and appreciate the little ocean-themed details that Kathryn put into the wedding day…like the starfish hair clips in the photo above.

Kathryn chose the perfect (and I mean perfect!) shades of blue and green for the wedding.  AND do you see her dress?  The lace detailing is absolutely beautiful.  I love the classic look of Kathryn’s dress in this photo, mixed with that POP of color.

Front Porch Farms Nashville Wedding

Something very special about the bridesmaids dresses is that while wedding planning, Kathryn herself grabbed a notebook and sketched the designs of the dresses and had them brought to life.

Here is our groom, Brandon, wearing that perfect shade of green I was talking about.

Front Porch Farms Nashville Wedding

One of Kathryn’s most cherished moments of the wedding day was getting ready and spending time with her bridesmaids before the ceremony.  These gals are the perfect example of how to help the bride soak up every moment.

Front Porch Farms Nashville Wedding

How awesome is it that Kathryn’s bridesmaid, Jazz, is also a makeup artist?  She had the amazing ability to make all the girls stunning on the big day, but more importantly put them at ease.

kathrynandjasminFront Porch Farms Nashville Wedding

Front Porch Farms Nashville Wedding

Okay, so I’ve never heard of this game, but I think I’m going to have to buy it.  There were so many fun photos of the girls playing this game, and I heart every single expression Rachel makes.  What a fun group!

Front Porch Farms Nashville Wedding

Rachel showing Renee some love.  All of the girls really enjoyed their time together.

Front Porch Farms Nashville Wedding

Now, at Frozen Exposure we are all about the details.  So, how could I not mention these travel cups?  Each bridesmaid got one in a different color with their initial and a tag that read “Bridesmaid.”  Not to mention, Renee’s monogrammed shirt matches her travel cup.  See, Kathryn?  We notice all the hard work you put into the day, and we appreciate it!

Front Porch Farms Nashville Wedding

Of course Kathryn had a travel mug too, perfectly festive in the wedding colors of blue and green.

Front Porch Farms Nashville Wedding

Even the garter, napkins and paper straws were festive and ready for the day!

garterandstraws Front Porch Farms Nashville Wedding

Now, let’s not forget all those pieces that will combine together to make Kathryn’s wedding look unique and stunning…

Front Porch Farms Nashville Wedding

I think I need to start taking Kathryn shopping with me….and I’m pretty sure every gal reading this blog just fell in love with those earrings. Kathryn was covered in the “something blue” department.

Front Porch Farms Nashville Wedding

This Bible is one of the most precious details about the wedding day. It belongs to Kathryn’s Grandpa…

Front Porch Farms Nashville Wedding

A toast to the bride-to-be, and one last pose before everyone changes into their gorgeous gowns.

Side note:  doesn’t Kathryn look just the cutest with her sweet pose?  There it is — that smile that is so stunning it makes you want to smile back!

Front Porch Farms Nashville Wedding

But wait a minute…what’s our groom, Brandon, up to?

Front Porch Farms Nashville Wedding

Oh, there he is!  He’s looking handsome, dapper and ready to see his bride.

In fact, he’s been ready for hours…relaxing.  Guys always have it much easier when it comes to getting ready than the ladies do.


Front Porch Farms Nashville Wedding

Brandon’s Mom pins his boutonniere on and it’s not much longer until the ceremony.

Front Porch Farms Wedding

Notice the US Marine Corps insignia on Brandon’s boutonniere – thank you for your service, Brandon!


Front Porch Farms Wedding

Now let’s head back over to the ladies.  Here Kathryn is helping her bridesmaids get ready.  Let me say, Kathryn is one of the most thoughtful brides I have come across.  There were so many photos of Kathryn laughing with her bridesmaids, and assisting them with whatever they needed.  There was so much love in the air, you can tell through the lens!

On the wedding day, as she tied the bows on the dresses of her bridesmaids, Kathryn shook her head and sweetly said, “They are exactly like I envisioned.”

Front Porch Farms Nashville Wedding

And now it’s Kathryn’s turn to get in her beautiful gown.  It’s always such a sweet moment to watch moms help their daughters get dressed.  I can’t even begin to imagine everything that is going through Kathryn’s mom’s head right now.  Her daughter is beautiful, smart and has such a beautiful soul!  I know she must be proud.  But at the same time, her sweet little baby that she use to hold in her arms has now become a woman.  And today she becomes a wife.  Did dance recitals pop through mom’s head?  Or maybe Kathryn blowing out her birthday candles as a little girl?  Maybe the first time mom heard Kathryn speak Brandon’s name comes rushing through her head?  Think about all those moments you and your mom have shared, Kathryn.  Now she has the honor of helping you become a bride.

Front Porch Farms Nashville Wedding

And what is going through beautiful Kathryn’s mind right now?  In this photo she looks happier than she ever has.  Has it clicked in her mind that today is her wedding day, that she’s putting on THE wedding dress?

Front Porch Farms Nashville Wedding

Below is a moment that must be mentioned. Kathryn gracefully swept across the room ready for the next part of the “getting ready” process, but as she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror, she took a moment to stop and look at herself.  Her hand flew to her face and she said, “I just realized…this is me in my wedding dress, on my wedding day!”  It was a moment that choked the entire room up.

Front Porch Farms Nashville Wedding

P18C0728Front Porch Farms Nashville Wedding

Here Kathryn puts on her gorgeous blue earrings while her bridesmaids help with some finishing touches on her gown.

Front Porch Farms Nashville Wedding

Now the next step:  the veil.  Isn’t this photo of Kathryn gorgeous?  The light reflects off of her and her veil so beautifully.

Front Porch Farms Nashville Wedding

Mom is dressed in her blue lace gown and ready to help her sweet Kathryn with her veil.

Front Porch Farms Nashville Wedding

Kathryn has never looked more beautiful, and mom has never been more proud.

Front Porch Farms Nashville Wedding

Let’s all take a moment to admire this photo.  Every single detail of Kathryn’s dress, her mermaid braid, the gorgeous red lip that pops against her skin…

Front Porch Farms Nashville Wedding

Now it’s time for Kathryn to hide behind the curtain and wait for her dad to come to the bridal suite for their father-daughter first look.

Front Porch Farms Nashville Wedding

Mom is holding the curtain to hide Kathryn, and dad looks like a ball of emotions.  Excitement.  Happiness.  Nervousness.  Love.

Front Porch Farms Nashville Wedding

We take one more moment to savor this.  In just a second, dad will turn around to see the beautiful woman (baby girl) standing before him.

Front Porch Farms Nashville Wedding

Look at Kathryn’s face here.  It’s as if she is saying, “Daddy, look at me.  I’m a real princess.”  Dads always have the best way of bringing out the little girl in us.  We go about our adult lives making those day to day grown up decisions, but when we see our dads we just melt and become that little girl again (and they melt too).

Front Porch Farms Nashville Wedding

Dads are our heros, our source of strength.  But all dads, no matter how tough they are on the outside, become blubber buckets when they see their daughters for the first time.  Perhaps more than moms, dads have  a tough time with watching their baby girls grow, giving them away to begin a new chapter.  So, first looks with dads are a must.  You are their baby girl one more time, their responsibility, their sweet child…

Front Porch Farms Nashville Wedding

And if you haven’t lost it yet, now is the best time to grab a Kleenex.  This picture is so beautiful and precious, no caption is required.

Front Porch Farms Nashville Wedding

I think everyone had a moment during the father-daughter first look…

Front Porch Farms Nashville Wedding

Kathryn’s dad is a big Batman fan.  Did you notice his watch?  As a sweet, special gift to her dad, Kathryn got him Batman cufflinks.  I’m sure he felt pretty fantastic and cool putting those on.  See?  I’m telling you, Kathryn is so incredibly thoughtful.

Front Porch Farms Nashville Wedding

The look in Kathryn’s eyes, the smirk she gives as she looks out to the forest, the beauty that surrounds ever fiber of this picture.  So angelic.

Our mermaid bride is ready to see her prince…

Front Porch Farms Nashville Wedding

Join us back on the blog tomorrow as we feature some fun portraits of the bridal party and family.  After today, you should know to come prepared with tissues ahead of time!

Want to see more of Kathryn + Brandon’s wedding?  Subscribe to our blog by clicking the “email subscribe” button in the yellow bar above this blog article! Also, continue scrolling down to check out the team that Kathryn + Brandon put together to make their “gentle fairytale” wedding day come together.

Bailee Frozen Exposure

Wedding Venue:  Front Porch Farms

Cake:  Dulce Desserts

DJ:  Groundworks Entertainment

Dress:  A Special Touch of Murfreesboro

Caterer:  Pig and Pie

Florist:  The Enchanted Florist

Limo Service:  Grand Avenue

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