Maggie & Matt’s Engagement Session at the Nashville Zoo : Giraffe Kisses and Adventure

I am going to be hard pressed to write like a decent human being.

I was being interviewed today for a press release regarding Frozen Exposure’s longevity and I was asked “what do you attribute Frozen Exposure’s success to?” My tone carried bewilderment and my answer was simply “Well, I don’t think it has anything to actually do with me.”

That’s basically how I felt capturing this engagement session. I basically wailed and gah’d through the entire thing. I don’t even know how my fingers were capable of pushing the shutter release button on the camera because I was an actual puddle of mush. Sure, I give the occasional direction “pull her in closer” “let’s stop here” “look down a little more.” But you guys, your unique stories, your personalities, your huge and crazy wild love and excitement for the future- it’s just like rocket fuel to me. I honestly don’t know how I get so lucky that I get to meet you all and tag along and share your stories. It’s an endless lift.

I’ll never forget it. I had not yet met Maggie and Matt face to face (thanks, coronavirus). They whip through the parking lot in a studly golf cart, wearing their wedding Rona masks and tell me to hop on.

When the cart stops, Maggie steps off to open a gate and wails “Ugh it’s HOT” and Matt breathes under his mask “YES. YOU. ARE.” Whaaaaat. I stared at his mask wondering if words happened. The entire session was full of golden nuggets like that.

How YOU doin?

I always ask the couple to kiss for some of the engagement photos, but getting a kiss from a giraffe is the biggest win.

Maggie’s friend made wedding masks for them that read “Going” “Gartner.” Because, Covid19. And 2020 in general. So. The masks might as well be stinking adorable.

This engagement session felt like a vacation. It was hard to stop exploring. So we didn’t. We kept exploring. And y’all this was YESTERDAY. Soooooo. It was something like 97 degrees and we got so sweaty that it looked like we’d gone swimming. Normally, I would have said “alrighty then, we good.” BUT. The wet hair and crazy steaminess just added to the whole vibe with this couple. See photos below. Because GAH.
This is “directing” gone bad. It went something like “Hey, Matt, can you just…you know….grab her face and just…. hey…..hey, Matt. No. Not like…okay. This is cute, also.”
Ah, there we go.
I could not wait to get to that Bear exhibit. Are y’all hearing me when I saw WOW to our amazing Nashville Zoo and all of the hard work they’ve put in? The bear and tiger exhibit blow me away. It’s incredible. Adding to that, Maggie, here, who is marrying Matt in October, works event sales at The Nashville Zoo. She’s here to tell you that if you’re as starry eyed and gaga as I am feeling about the Nashville Zoo as your engagement session location (or any portraits) you can reach out to Event Sales through the Nashville Zoo and book the Zoo for your backdrop and even include an encounter with the giraffes! Not only does it include a stunning array of photo spots, an awesome, authentic experience and something to look back on over the years, but you are also helping support our beloved Nashville Zoo and all of the precious life and animals that it helps and provides for.
Just email to get started!
I mean. This Spider-Man kiss is actually better than the OG. See what I mean about the sweatiness and wet hair really working with the vibe?

I definitely loved the idea of getting into the weeds at the zoo and finding the “nooks” and natural spots, but the signs our zoo have are some of my favorite. I love showing where we are and the character and playfulness it adds.

🎶🎶I got chillllllllls. They’re multiplying. 🎶🎶

Maggie and Matt: I’m totally lost. I mean, yeah, I guess I will just kind of catch y’all on the big 10/03 and you guys will swoop me off into another adventurous crazy time of capturing the most fun and most romantic photos ever, and then I’ll go home and be like “what the heck just happened” again. You guys are mind blowing and perfect and dreamy and amazing and I’m a fan. Yay for love!

Love, Tanya


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